Drew's worked for some amazing clients over the years:


And together, they've answered a bunch of thorny questions:

  • We need to change, but we don't know where to start. What should we do next?

  • Which market should we enter next? And how do we make our launch a success?

  • We've got an idea for a new product or service. How can we get a quick sense of whether it'll work or not?

  • How are emergent trends going to impact us, and our current and future customers?

  • We're wasting our innovation budget on a bunch of unfocussed initiatives. How should we structure our approach?

  • We're being cut out of our market. How do we retain our existing customers? And how do we build relationships with new ones?

  • Our support costs are skyrocketing! How can we reduce our costs and make our customers even happier?

  • Our internal processes get in the way of delivering the customer experience we want. How do we redesign them?

  • We've spent so much money on research, but have no idea what we've learnt. Where's the insight?

  • Our new product is tanking. HELP!?

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